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Oh excellent. One question, will that work regardless of whether I schedule SD from within SD itself (cron) or if I schedule it myself externally in launchd?

I might just end up writing a wrapper script anyway around the whole thing that schedules in launchd(because that's what I use for everything else). Among other things, I want to perform a couple SD backups in a row, and also mount samba volumes, possibly call a JungleDisk online cloud backup when its all done, etc. Actually there is more, before the SD backup I want to also run some various little scripts that do things like export iCal, export AddressBook, etc..

So I can't decide whether it would be better to modify that copy script of SD to do all that stuff before and after in Applescript, or write one larger wrapper script that calls everything and schedule that wrapper script in launchd

What are your thoughts on any of this?
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