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Upgraded hard drive not recognized

Used Super Duper to make a bootable copy of my iMac (Intel) to a FireWire drive. I tested it - it booted fine from the external FireWire with the backup.

I purchased 2 internal Western Digital 1 TB hard drives to upgrade both of my iMacs.

I installed the new WD in the first one. Upon booting with the new Internal HD and the FireWire backup hooked up, no hard drive is found. Just the folder with a question mark.

I booted with the Snow Leopard install disks and it did not see the internal, but did see the SD backup.

Thinking it might be the drive, I tried the other new WD. Exact same situation. Neither drive is recognized as bootable, and the internal WD is not even recognized.

Needing my iMac, I put the original drive back in. Everything is now working fine again.

So, I think I am hooking the drives up correctly, but the iMac cannot seem to recognize the internal WDs at all, and when the new WDs are in, the external FW isn't recognized as bootable.

Do I need to do something to make these drives recognizable?

Thanks for any advice.
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