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Confused about "Cloning" and "Sharing"

I'm a little bit confused about how Cloning and Sharing Works.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

The term "Share" is used in SuperDuper for a Symbolic Link, a reference to another file or directory by pathname.

When creating a "Safety Clone", some files are symlinked to the original location, instead of beeing copied. These are the users home directories and third party applications.

Now I read in some topics of this forum, that the backup volume should have the same name than the original volume (e.g. "Macintosh HD"). Ohterwise some applications which use symlinks could reference files from the original disk instead of their counterpart on backup disk, when the system was booted from backup disk. This makes sense to me.

But now I see a problem in "Sharing". Shared files should always be referenced to their original location. But when booting from a backup volume with the same name as the original volume, the symlinks for shared files go to the backup volume.

Isn't this a conflict situation?
On a "Safety Clone", symlinks in Apples applications should go to the backup drive, therefore the same volume name. But shared user directories should go to the original drive, which they don't when the volume name is the same. I'm very confused...

I would use a different name for the backup volume. I think symlinks in applications should always be relative and should not cause a problem. But symlinks in Shares are absolute, and this would cause a problem if original and backup volume have the same name.

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