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Power Surge Upset SuperDuper!

Today there was a power surge while I was at the computer. The iMac of course shut down. I re-booted without any problems. Immediately discovered that many of my settings in various programs were altered or set at default. (I have a surge protector!!??) So I checked many of my programs and discovered that SuperDuper! has grayed-out my backup disc when I open SD. The backup disc is still on my desktop and in the finder and it opens nicely when I double click on it - shows all the normal files and data. I can even boot from it.

But I CAN'T RE-PROGRAM SD TO BACKUP TO THE BACKUP DISC! It is grayed-out when I open SD. Someone please help me. Thanks.

I did a screen capture of the SD window to show you what it looks like, but I can't seem to attach it to this email. It may work but I think it only transferred the name of the file and not the contents.

SuperDuper! No LaCie Disk

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