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Okay, I cloned and installed the new drive in my MacBook. It's been smooth sailing, with a few noticeable but insignificant differences.

Firstly, I use Undercover to track my notebook in case it ever gets stolen. The OS asked me if I would allow that process to use my current location ( la iPhone and iPod touch). I hit "OK" and checked off "Don't ask me again."

Then I noticed some folders in my dock had question mark icons but that's because I changed their path and had never clicked on them before. They maintained their folder icon but had I clicked on them when booting off the old hard drive, they would have immediately displayed the question mark icon. I guess in this case, since some temporary files didn't come over, the system automatically checked and saw that it couldn't find them.

Spotlight is reindexing, which is only taking about half an hour because my drive is so speedy. The reason it's reindexing is because of the excluded temporary files from the original drive, right?

What other changes will I notice due to the cloning and swapping of my drives? Will anything break or require reconfiguration because I decided to rename the new hard drive? Will Time Machine do a complete backup because of temporary database files that didn't get copied over? Or will it go through an entire backup because I change the name of the hard drive?
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