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Drobo=no, another enclosure?


I've read highly critical reviews of Drobo. I *wanted* to hear good things, since I have about five large but different high-speed HDs. Have you seen NewEgg and Amazon reviews-- they are really awful, and Apple has pulled the product. Like many people, I want to put all these drives to work and not spend too much, but many enclosures seem to be $500, and they require matching drives. I also don't want wind-tunnel loud fans running in my living room. I'm a huge silentPC guy.

Oh- I'm somewhat happy with a stop-gap solution: the inexpensive BlacX dock by Thermaltake. It has an eSata connector (speed) and USB (for booting, if necessary). This way I can use some of the large drives for redundancy by having three.

Any more recent suggestions?



Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Many users ask us what disks are compatible with SuperDuper! -- and while I have a list of brands and a discussion in the User's Guide that goes into some detail, I can't buy and test everything (sorry!).
  • Apricorn
  • G-Tech G-Drive
  • Drobo

Finally, as I've said elsewhere, I don't generally recommend MyBook drives. They cannot be used as startup devices on Power PC based Macs, and -- at least in our internal -- have been more prone to trouble/failures.

Have at it!

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