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Need Help Deciding Which Option Is Best?

Hi, In reading through the manual I have 2 questions. Of these 3 options for subsequent backups I am unsure which one is best. If you could tell me which option would be best I would appreciate it.
I backed up all of my files a while ago so now I want to perform a subsequent backup. I have added "new" files to my source drive and I have "updated" some of the old files in my source drive (they still have the same file name).

Question 1
What is the best backup option (of the 3 below) to choose if I have both: "Newly Created Files" and "Updated Files" on my source drive? I am thinking "Copy different files from Macintosh HD to Backup" is the best option but I want to make sure this is the best choice!

"Smart update Backup from Macintosh HD"
is similar, in that the result is an exact copy of the source. The difference is that it only copies (or deletes) files and folders as necessary. This takes much less time after the first backup, doing in minutes what could otherwise take hours.

"Copy newer files from Macintosh HD to Backup"
When Copy newer is selected, the file on the destination is replaced with the one from the source if the file on the source has a newer (more recent) modification date.

"Copy different files from Macintosh HD to Backup"
Copy different replaces the file on the destination if the source file is different (not necessarily newer) in date, size, HFS+ metadata, attributes, etc. So, the file on the destination is replaced if it?s not exactly the same as the source file. In both cases, files on the destination that are not on the source are left as is.

Question 2
What happens if I cleaned off some files from my source since my last update. Will the files I removed from my source drive still remain on my destination drive until I delete them there? That would make sense to me but I am unsure.


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