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Ownership & Read-only Volume - Help! :)

I have a Drobo that I am attempting to transfer files *from* - onto another unit.

The "bad" volume mounts but is read-only - regardless of what I try to do about it (this includes Disk Utility repair, Disk Warrior rebuild, Cocktail (unavailable)) etc. The permissions are actually displayed correctly - but they are greyed out.

I thought that I would be able to at least get the files off of the troublesome drive using Super Duper (the files are mostly a Time Machine volume) and then perhaps have better luck getting the permissions straightened out on the new volume.

When I attempt to perform a copy using SD, I get an error that SD couldn't take ownership of the bad volume and in the log, this is displayed:

| 04:44:37 PM | Error | vsdbutil: Couldn't update volume information for '/Volumes/DeLorean': Read-only file system
| 04:44:37 PM | Error | vsdbutil: no valid volume UUID found on '/Volumes/DeLorean': Read-only file system

It appears that the volume is there... but isn't - at the same time.

I attempted the command

sudo cp -r /DeLorean /Drobo

which resulted in this error:

cp: /DeLorean: No such file or directory

Using the same command without the "/" before "DeLorean" (the bad volume) started the file copy but there were tons of errors, I assume due to the Time Machine file structure.

Is there anything I can do to get SD to copy these files across? It is read-only... so it should be able to at least READ them?

Thanks so much
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