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Originally Posted by Budgie View Post
All drives listed are boot-able via SD, external and use Fire Wire only, with zero issues.
PPC: 10.4.11
x 2 Newmotion Technology 150GB

x4 500GB Drives (server)

Lacie Group SA:

INTEL (White): 10.4.11
x2 500GB Drives

INTEL (Alluminium): 10.5.5
x2 500GB Drives
I have a LaCie d2 Quadra 500GB interfaced by Firewire to a Mac Mini with 10.6.2. With both Time Machine and SouperDouper, the icons for the partitions keep disappearing from my Desktop, so that back-ups cannot be done. A dialogue box appears saying the disc is unrecognisable, and suggesting I initialise. If I do, I assume I will lose what is on the LaCie. Solution please ?

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