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Disable Time Machine -- Not just a matter of optimization

Rob's original feature suggestion seems to be based on optimization -- preventing Time Machine and SuperDuper! fighting over resources, but I have discovered what seems to me a more important reason to consider this suggestion.

I occasionally boot from my SuperDuper! copy to make sure it's all right (hopefully everyone does this). The last time I did I was called away for a couple of hours. When I got back I found that Time Machine was complaining that it couldn't complete a backup. In my absence it had tried to make a Time Machine backup of my backup system on the same Time Machine drive I normally use. As there wasn't sufficient space for a complete second system on that disk, it started systematically deleting my old Time Machine backups, giving up only when there was only one left! Many month's worth of incremental Time Machine backups were deleted. As far as I can see, exactly the same thing could happen when using SuperDuper's Sandbox features.

Dave is right to note that there is no supported way to control Time Machine but Marc's idea of turning off Time machine through its preference file would at least ensure that any backup system had Time Machine initially disabled. Though this can be done by the user as Marc has done, I believe it is something that SuperDuper! should do by itself.
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