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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
I don't know why that would be, Richard, unless you really did have a lot of content change, or you're using an older version of SD and it's recopying the OS under Snow Leopard, but that can't be because you're running Leopard - even though a late 2009 model would come with Snow Leopard, so that's a bit confusing...
This iMac did come with 10.5.6 on it, had those install disks in the box, along with a Snow Leopard upgrade which I have not yet installed. Also, I'm using SD 2.6.2 - can't get much newer than that.

I guess I'll let the Smart Update continue, see how long it takes, and then try it again when I *know* there's been no (or little) content change, and report back. It is a puzzlement.
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