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Unhappy Smart Update super slow?

This one's a stumper. I've been using SD! for a long time, love it, never had an issue. Yesterday I put it on an Intel iMac (2.66 GHz, 24", late 2009 model, 640 Gb hard drive, 10.5.8) and ran a full initial backup to a Western Digital 640 Gb USB 2.0 portable drive, single partition, GUID. It took a few hours, which I was expecting.

Today, I went to do a Smart Backup (which, on my Macbook Pro, might take all of 15 minutes if I've been busy), and SD! is acting as if I never ran the first full backup. It's been running half an hour, the progress bar has barely moved, and it says most of the files are being copied (instead of just the new or changed ones). I'd say it was doing another initial full backup except for that "most of the files" part. It reports a few of the files are not being copied.

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