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nice if this was automated

Chris, thanks for the info - I also had the "startup disk full problem", though not sure why it occurred.

I left a smartbackup running when I went to bed last night of a drive with 1.1tb of content, with perhaps 2-3 gb of changes. Got up this morning to find SD failed, then looked at the log to see the "out of space on startup drive" message. Both external drives appeared to be running fine.

It would be great if, in this case, SD would clean up after itself, or at least offer to do so. The current behavior, if I understand it correctly, is fairly anti-social. This turned out to cost me a few hours of lost time.

Btw, been using SD for about 3 years, & this is actually the first significant problem that I've had (where SD hurt more than it helped). So in balance, still glad that I bought it.
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