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Boot HD larger than Backup HD

i have two questions before i purchase superduper:

1. My Macintosh HD is 300GB. 100GB used and 200GB free space on it.
Can i create a bootable Clone of this HD to an external HD with 150GB?

2. This is not a real question. I just want to be sure I understood it right before I purchase SuperDuper.
I need a working OSX for my job and because of that I can't simply switch over to Snow Leopard without any kind of safety measure. When i create a bootable clone of my Macintosh HD to an external HD i can do the following when i experience problems with Snow Leopard:

a) I recover my System from the bootable Clone,
b) I can keep Snow Leo on my Macintosh HD and additionally boot from the Clone and work with this...

Is this correct?(especially 2b)

My Mac:
iMac 7,1 (Alu, Mid 2007)
Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X 10.5.8

Thanks in advance,
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