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Cool HELP! Laptop freezes at BootScreen!!

I have an "IBM Thinkpad T21" When i first recieved it the thinkpad worked fine, One day I booted it up as usual when it froze at the WindowsXP bootscreen, I thought this was very odd, I then Re-installed WindowsXP 5 Times, This still did not solve the problem, Someone said it may have been the 20GB HDD, After much thought i went and bought a 40GB HDD, No sooner as i bought the replacement HDD the damn Laptop booted up fine, I wasnt gonna take any chances, I then installed the 40GB HDD and to this day booted up fine, Now i have the same problem, It just boots to the WindowsXP Bootscreen and thats it... Has anyone had this problem, If so Please Help!! hehe

Much Appreciated
Leon (aka DT5567)
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