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Need suggestion for backup scheme

I'm running Leopard on a PowerMac G5 with 2 internal drives. One drive has the OS with applications and some document/project files. The second drive (Media) is mostly video, audio, and pictures and is not bootable.

I have an external 1.5TB USB that currently has 3 AFS partitons. One is used for TimeMachine that is only backing up the OS partition. The second partition is a SuperDuper! clone of the OS partition. The third partition is currently unused, but I was planning to use it as a backup for the Media drive.

What should I use to backup the Media drive? Would SD! work for this non-bootable drive?

Is there a better approach. e.g. should I use TimeMachine to backup both the OS and Media drive giving the 3rd partition space over to TimeMachine?

Suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks, AJ
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