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You are probably right TMay. I had heard on the Adobe forums about issues with WD drives when using Snow Leopard, so given all the headaches I had experienced immediately after installing 10.6 I did wonder if there might be something to this.

Regarding hard drive reliability everybody is cheering about the decreasing cost of storage, but if that storage is not reliable then it's really quite expensive!

I had an old iMac from 1999 that was eventually given to my grandfather and the original 6gig drive is still going strong, though I am not sure what make it was. It seems strange to think that I wondered at the time if I really needed a 6 gig drive... The G4 that followed this has never had a failure with the installed Maxtor or the IBM drives and my G5 with two WD drives is still in daily use and running perfectly.

The one factor which unites all my hard drive failures is that they have all been connected to my new iMac. A co-incidence perhaps but it does make me wonder if there is something going on here.
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