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Originally Posted by andrewlacroix View Post
Hi Ashley. I would be interested in hearing more - I just took my 24 inch imac into the shop for a hard drive replacement - things went downhill soon after I tried to install snow leopard - the install failed and I had to a hard restart, which was eventually followed by erase and reinstall, system restore etc. etc. all to no end - eventually the hard drive seems to have bitten the dust. could be a coincidence and I don't know what kind of hd is in the 500gb imac.....

any thoughts? i am wondering whether i should try to install snow leopard once i get it back.....
On my side everything has calmed down again. There is some kind of strange behaviour in Photoshop which Adobe are blaming on Apple and it only seems to happen with images taken from film scans, but not digital capture. There have been no further bad system crashes though like before, so for the time being at least it's all looking reasonably OK. My faith in this computer and Western Digital has been a bit dented though by all these problems of late.

First of all I'd ask the people who handled the repair what make of drive they installed and if it was a WD then ask for something else as a replacement, just to put your mind at rest. I hear good things about Samsung drives these days and I certainly don't think that snow leopard as such is a drive wrecker.

FWIW I went almost ten years without a single hard drive failure but in the last 6 months I've had 4 go on me including 3 external drives. Two of them were quite new. This leads me to suspect that the manufacturer's push towards ever lower production costs has lead to a real fall in the quality control and reliability of these drives, so you may just have that problem to deal with. In a case like this I would have thought the repair people have some sort of obligation to quickly put it right at no charge. Once it's done though I wouldn't hesitate to re-install snow leopard unless you want to wait for a few months just to see if there are any further reports like this. Apart from this one curious issue with Photoshop it's all working very well for me and feels much more refined than 10.5 ever was.

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