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Originally Posted by ashleykaryl View Post
This isn't specifically an issue with SuperDuper! but I can't think of any place with more experience or knowledge about hard drives and safeguarding computer data, so I am asking here.

About a week or so ago I had all kinds of nasty problems which started just a couple of days after installing snow leopard and appeared to be the main hard drive that was about to fail. This was eventually exchanged for a replacement drive that also happened to be a western digital and all appeared to be fixed for a while.

Earlier today I tried working in Photoshop for the first time since a clean install and found it was virtually unusable. I tried a restart which went badly and eventually I had no choice but to pull the plug out of the socket. This was very reminiscent of the problems I had with the iMac before the drive was replaced and some digging around at the Adobe forum suggested that some internal western digital drives are having serious problems with snow leopard. Does this sound possible or tally up with anybody else's experience here?


Hi Ashley. I would be interested in hearing more - I just took my 24 inch imac into the shop for a hard drive replacement - things went downhill soon after I tried to install snow leopard - the install failed and I had to a hard restart, which was eventually followed by erase and reinstall, system restore etc. etc. all to no end - eventually the hard drive seems to have bitten the dust. could be a coincidence and I don't know what kind of hd is in the 500gb imac.....

any thoughts? i am wondering whether i should try to install snow leopard once i get it back.....
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