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How can I see, if the backup is still in progress or if it failed?

Hi all,

I've been using SD for quite a while. Nice programm.

Now scenario is this: I try to copy a 1TB drive to another 1TB drive. The first is connected via FireWire800 to my MBP. The second is connected to the first drive. I had this running over night (of course it takes a while).

BUT: Now this morning I find it after 10hours of work stating this:
6,08GB evalued, 0,00 MB already up to date, 6,08 GB copied.

Hard drives don't sound like it is written on them. Still SD does not show the red line that the clone failed.

What's up with this?!? Do I just retry the clone? Costs me another day. I guess I'll try that, but that was some strange behaviour.

Or is this still running and will pop to 860GB evaluated ect???
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