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Maybe I'm just not understanding how to look into a back up HD correctly.

I have an icon on my desktop labeled "SuperDuper backup HD" - which is where I direct SD to copy & back-up my files to from my regular HD.

I was assuming that I could double click on this icon and see what its contents are or also just choose it in the left panel of the apple find screen (where it appears under my regular HD as an ejectable entity and appears above the basic contents in that left hand list esktop, me, applications, documents, movies, music, pictures)

I have never booted up from the SD drive (I haven't had to thankfully) - but are you saying this is the way I'd see all its contents?

I was thinking that after I do a back-up, I could just double click the SDHD icon and see its contents and see if the items under "Users, me, desktop" were copied over...

Please let me know if this if not the case. - or if I have to shut down and restart or something each time to see the new items?

Many thanks for your help!
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