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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Assuming the drive is properly initialized (see this FAQ), yes. Intel Macs work fine with USB startup devices. And, yes, regarding size, you can use any drive that'll fit your data and have ~20% free space or so for OS X's own purposes when you're done.
This is WONDERFUL news! Now, I just have one more question: I'm thinking about purchasing a 1 TB external drive and I want to do the following:

Create a 500 GB bootable GUID partition on my new 1 TB drive for a SuperDuper! bootable image (~500 GB) and then use the rest of the space for extra storage (regular partition). From the other thread it seems that I can partition my 1 TB drive into two parts: a bootable GUID partition for my SuperDuper! image and then just another partition for my regular extra storage.

Am I correct in my thinking that this can be easily done?

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