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Ah, Geez Dave

Now you really got me nervous. I can't find anything on the hard drive box or installation instructions about being bootable under OS X.

I know nothing about this stuff, learning as I go just as I did 20 years ago when my typesetting job went from hot metal to desk-top publishing.

The SimpleTech instructions are for Windows, Mac OS 9 and OS X. But the word "bootable" is not there. I just assumed that it would do what I needed and didn't realize that maybe it wouldn't be bootable.
Instructions for formatting are included. Yippee.

Actually, I didn't think any manual would explain your command line, but I did need to find details about accessing, using and closing Terminal. I have numerous help books, one of them has to explain Terminal. Never needed it before.

Sorry to be so anal, but this is not second nature to me.
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