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Feature Suggestion: Eject on Completion ejects ALL volumes on the Drive

The new features in the latest version are great!

The Eject on Completion feature is not working great for me though:

Eject destination on completion
If you're using Backup on connect, you can combine it with the new "Eject" option in the "On successful completion" section of Options. When the backup is done, and SuperDuper! quits, the destination drive will be ejected.

First, when the backup is done, and Eject on Completion is selected, SuperDuper doesn't quit - it just sits there with a "green list" of successful backup tasks. When I manually quit SuperDuper, the destination is ejected. A new option "Quit SuperDuper AND Eject Destination" would be much appreciated.

More importantly, having some sort of option to eject all the volumes on the destination device would be very helpful. I have one large backup hard drive, partitioned into three volumes (SuperDuper for my MacBook Air, TimeMachine for my MacBook Air, and TimeMachine for my wife's MacBook) - in the finder I can eject all three by holding down Option and clicking "eject" on any one of them. It'd be SuperAwesome if SuperDuper could do the same thing!

If both of these changes were made, I'd have the the following SuperDuper workflow:

1. Plug in backup drive
2. Wait for SuperDuper to complete "Backup on Connect"
3. When I no longer see the backup volumes in the Finder, unplug the backup drive

Instead, my workflow is now this:

1. Plug in backup drive
2. Wait for SuperDuper to complete "Backup on Connect"
3. Check to see if SuperDuper is showing "all green" at the end of the backup
4. Quit SuperDuper
5. Manually eject the other backup volumes
6. Unplug the backup drive
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