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SD update - congrats but::: Eject????

Installed this morning as always I am so pleasantly impressed and grateful for you who work and develop SD. I have never seen such timely response and such customer support with any of the myriad of programs I use now, or used to use on my PC.

I did however find that when I selected my options after dl & installing, when I did the Smart copy all files etc.....and I selected "eject" the SD clone backup it did NOT eject. The icon remained on my desktop along with the Sandbox icon. I use a Lacie 500GB FW Drive.

Shouldn't the desktop icon disappear as a result of the "eject" option or is there a logic that I'm missing? I did do a manual eject for both the SD backup and Sandbox and they both were ejected. Then I turned off the external drive. I was thinking, however, that selecting "eject" after copy would eject the primary SD backup. Am I wrong here???? Or what shouldhave happened?
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