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Sandbox causing Aperture 2 "invalid image format" issues.

A unknown but significant number of Aperture 2 users have been experiencing "invalid image format" issues. See this thread: This problem only affects Aperture and not other image processing programs. I have tested these same images with Photoshop Sony IDC, SilverFast, Viewscan, Adobe Reader and Preview.

The cause is unknown. In my case it primarily occurs with referenced images from scanners or other image processing programs like tiff or psd. I have definitely linked it to using a sandbox. After extensive testing using my primary OS X drive, Sandbox with shared users and apps, Sandbox with shared users, and Sandbox as a full back up I've obtained the following results. Referenced images always fail when booted from Sandbox shared users or Sandbox shared users and apps. They always work when booted from the primary OS X and the full back up.

Please note that in each case the Sandbox systems and the full back up were created with the erase option from the primary OS X system and no updates or modifications were applied.

As a side not Aperture is an apple application but creating a Sandbox with shared users and apps creates and alias in the applications folder. Hence the test with only shared users.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be happening?
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