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stuck with a Drobo

@mrhobbit -- I made the mistake of purchasing a Drobo, thinking it could be my SuperDuper! target. I found out after purchasing it that Data Robotics does not support the Drobo as a boot volume! Also, I was not aware that the data on the drives used in the Drobo were in a proprietary format that can only be read on a Drobo. Upon further investigation I found a Drobo user forum, but it is not public... it's only available to registered Drobo users (a Drobo serial number is required for registration on the forum), so prospective purchasers cannot fully research the Drobo. I decided there were too many negative factors and sold the Drobo. Now I clone my 1TB drive to another 1TB internal drive using SuperDuper!, alternating backups with an external 1TB Lacie. I also have another external 1TB Lacie I use for Time Machine. The one thing I still need to do is an off-site backup.
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