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Newbie question (diskwarrior and Superduper!)

Hey guys (and gals!)
here is my story
My macbook HD died because of an invalid node structure , diskwarrior successfully created a new directory but couldn't replace the defective one, it was too damaged. I was able to preview the replacement directory, and fortunately my home folder (180 Go!) was intact. I saved it on an external HD.
Now, I did a complete backup of my HD on a bootable external USB HD using superduper. BTW thank you so much Superduper! You are my life savior!
The only problem is that I did this last backup in March 09! more than 5 months ago!
So, I would like to replace my home folder from the backup drive by the one I recovered from my doomed HD, and I would like Superduper to do a smart update of my March 09 home folder by the recovered one...
The way I would like to do this is as follow:
1- replace my internal HD by a new one
2- boot from my backup drive and format internal HD as mac OS extended (journaled) and do a complete restore from my backup drive using superduper!
3- turn off and restart from internal HD
4- launch Superduper and do a smart update of my home folder in my backup drive with the recovered home folder that I saved on a 3rd external HD.
5- turn off, boot from backup drive and do a smart update of my home folder in the internal HD from my updated backup drive.
6- turn off and restart

What do you think?
Is that the correct way to proceed?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice

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