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Using SuperDuper! to stress-test my new Time Machine drive

Last Friday, I installed a new 1.5 TB drive in my last Mac Pro drive bay, planning for Time Machine to start using the new drive sometime soon. My current 1 TB TM drive is 75% full.

SuperDuper! has been running nearly full time for 5 days, copying the current TM drive to the new drive. At the same time, Time Machine has been doing its hourly backups. I say "nearly full time" because it took something like 1.5 days for the initial Copy. Since then, Smart Update seems to be taking 16-20 hours per run.

I realize that at the end of each Smart Update, the new drive is not a valid TM drive because TM has been continually changing the official (old) drive. I figure if I let this go on for another week, it will serve to stress-test the new drive before it becomes the official TM drive.

Before I switch drives, I need to stop Time Machine for however long it takes Smart Update to make a clean clone.

Does anyone see a problem with my plan?

-- Ward
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