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Using SD for beta testing

I am trying out SD as a way to help me out during beta testing software, with the idea being that I could have a working copy and a 'clean' backup to go to without the beta apps.

What is the best way to use SD for testing other applications? Should I use the Sandbox - shared users and apps selection (which seems to defeat the purpose), or just the Sandbox with shared users? Will the 2nd option allow me to install applications independently on each 'drive'? And if this is the right way to go, does that mean I have to boot into the sandbox, or can I use applications from there without affecting my main boot drive? In this case, I would presume you could avoid rebooting, and just launch the apps from the sandbox, effectively behaving like you have two installs.

The reason I ask is that I sometimes give live web demos and don't want to accidentally launch the beta version of some production application. I've also considered creating a separate boot partition so I have a completely clean environment, but that has its own challenges (most of which have to do with me being somewhat lazy).

Any insight would be very much appreciated!
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