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I wonder if I'm having the same problem

I'm trying to do a network backup to an Airport drive (a LaCie USB drive hooked up to a new Airport Extreme).

Following the directions (I think), I did an initial backup to a sparse image with the LaCie drive connected directly to my MacBook Pro. No problem.

Then I reconnected the drive to the Airport, verified that it was mounted, and set up a Smart Update to the image. After several "failed to mount" error messages, the update eventually got underway and ultimately failed with an "out of disk space" error. Moreover, I now discovered that the internal drive of my laptop was full and, after a little detective work, realized that the new image was created on the internal drive rather than the networked drive.

I've repeated this whole sequence twice more with the same outcome.

What am I doing wrong? Why is SD putting the smart update on the local drive?
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