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File Placement Questions

Question 1
I am going to copy all of my files from my external hard drive to my mac and then just clone the whole thing onto an external drive (Applications and Art Files) and I am wondering if this is the best method? Will adding 112 GB to my mac HD slow it down at all?

Question 2
Here's how I thought I could do this. Please give me your opinions!

?Mac Hard Drive: Store all Art/Client work (112 GB) on Mac Hard Drive.
?Buy a Terrabyte External Hard Drive then Clone entire mac hard Drive to it along with all applications.

Does this sound like a good plan for backup. Would this mean that if my mac HD went down I could just boot from the External Terrabyte?
What do I need to do to ensure I can boot from the external drive if the mac HD bites it?

Question 3
I'd like to hear from others who have "large" art files and how they organize their files. Do you save them to your mac hard drive and then just clone them with applications or some other method?
I have 112 GB of files and I am just wondering what the best method would be as I am ading to it every day. Do you back up work to DVD's too or just use an external?

Question 4
Do I have to place the files in any particular place on my mac hard drive? I thought I read somewhere that I needed to place the files in "Users" for Super Duper to make it "bootable".

Question 5
Can I just create a folder within my mac hard drive root and name it "Backup Hard Drive" and then copy all of my Clients work (112 GB) into it?

Sorry for all of the questions. Just want to do this right!
Ayelet live

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