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Where are the instructions to recover from a network

I've never had this much of a hard time on my old PC's. But, that aside, I've backed up my contents using SD OVER MY NETWORK to a WD MyBOok. Now, I can access the files individually through a mounted image, but how do I restore a full image? I even went through the whole time wasting procedure of installing OSX to the new hard disk, (Disk Utility restore would not work), installed SD, and still could not recover the image to the hard disk. What gives? Is it possible? I used to restore unix back ups back in the 90's using tapes!

Has anyone actually ever completely mirroring their old system from a network super duper image? I'm getting doubtful it is possible seemings I haven't found a clear way of doing it. Everything else on my mac has been easy, except this.

Not even as ROOT user can I copy the mounted image contents, although this is probably an OSX thing.

Sorry I sound so annoyed, but I heard things were meant to be easier on MAC. It isn't, at least, not if you deviate from Apple's software.

What do I want:

SImple: Complete network restore to my new hard disk!

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