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Thumbs up Iomega eGo compatibility

I haven't seen them mentioned much, but I've had success with a FireWire/USB Iomega eGo. I don't remember if it came set up for Mac, because I reformat when I partition anyway. I think it was set up for Apple, but their USB only version is set up to work with Windows. The newest FireWire eGo models are named "Mac Edition." I have the earlier 320GB model, which is still widely available for purchase at this time.

The drive comes with Retrospect Lite, a horrible software that seems like a relic from the tape disk era. I tried it because it was free with the drive, but free is too much in my opinion. SuperDuper! on the other hand, is very easy to use. I think it's great that it can be used for free to get a good, working backup. What a wonderful service for the Mac community. I bought the license to get all the features. The price is reasonable, and the smart backup saves a lot of time, especially if you have more than one Mac as I do.

I made seven partitions on the drive, one each for four of my six PPC Macs, one partition for a clone of the Tiger installation DVD for my CD-RW iMac that can't read DVDs, one partition for TechTool, and a large partition for throwing data off my computers to free up space on the internal drives. It's amazing how well an old Mac runs Tiger if the OS has enough room to do its thing. Many times I've exceeded a thousand open tabs in Safari with no slow-down (unless I try to close a large number at once) on an iBook 466MHz SE running with the maximum 576MB of RAM, if I stay under 10GB full of the 20GB drive. But mysteriously, other days two tabs is too many.

I've test-booted each of the back-up partitions on the eGo, and each of them works perfectly. SuperDuper! is almost too easy to use. I love it. I've been a user of TechTool Pro, DiskWarrior and even Anubis for a decade now. I'm glad to finally have a utility that requires no effort on my part. I start up a Mac using Safe Boot, connect the eGo, open SuperDuper! (which remembers which partition the particular Mac is backed up to) and it already knows I want to do a smart backup. One click later it's off and running. It's not very fast- varying between 12-45 Mbps. Seems to take 45 minutes to back up unless I did it a few days earlier. Then it takes 25-30 minutes or so with a 60GB drive at 20GB full. The computer hardware is older, it might be faster on a new system. It is faster than Retrospect Lite by far.

I'm very happy with both the eGo and SuperDuper!, my only druther is that Iomega doesn't make the desktop version of the eGo with FireWire- it's USB only. I'd snap one up in a heartbeat if it had FireWire, I like the look of the product a lot. (I bought the eGo largely because of its nice shape and pretty ruby color. Probably not a factor for 95% of the people who will read this.)

The eGo comes with a nice warranty, and it's very quiet. It has no fan, so it does get HOT quickly. I don't leave it plugged in. I consider the lack of a fan to be a plus, as the noise bothers me. Only my fastest computer, a 17" iMac G4 has a fan- and that's one reason it's rarely used. I keep a few silent, portable fans around my computers to facilitate the heat removal, which I recommend for anyone running a fan-less PPC. I point a fan on the eGo sometimes, but really, it's not made for lengthy periods of use. If you are in the market for a drive to leave attached all the time, I would not recommend the eGo. Otherwise, it's just fine.
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