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Why each backup requires so much space?

hi there.
I've been using Superduper for a few days. And I've had the following problems

1st. I am using the network backup (imaging over network, destination is a linux raid box). But then, the superduper is unable to mount the network drive automatically. I tried to map mount the network drive as always, but the superduper is just unable to mount it until I manually input:

2nd. I've been using the backup-all files. The problem is. Although there is no significant file changes between each scheduled daily backup (I am using the smart update), each backup copies at least 200 MB. I also tried to backup the file after 4 day interval, with no big file changes. And the backup, as of now, has backed up 2.26G of data, and is still evaluating. Why it takes so much space?

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