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Super Duper + Older Macs? And verification software?

Hi there,

I have used SuperDuper to back up my MacBook (10.4.11) - wonderful - and my old iBook (10.3.9). I couldn't get it to boot from that one, but I don't think my external hard drive is formatted to boot non-Intel Macs. Not a big deal, don't really need to boot that one anyway, just need the files.

Now I'm down to my old iMac, which is running 9.2. I used "Connect To Server" to connect to it through my MacBook, but even though the iMac HD mounted on my desktop, when I started SuperDuper, it didn't see it. Any other suggestions on how I might connect the two? The iMac doesn't have Firewire...

Also, a completely unrelated question: Does anybody know of any software I can use to verify that all of the contents made it in the transfer? In other words, to compare the two drives (the original and the SuperDuper version) to make sure it's all there? I have tons of data, so too much for me to go through folder by folder, but want to make sure that everything on my MacBook and iBook are now safely on my external hard drive.

Many thanks!!
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