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apprehensive user-bootable clone....

I must be really dense but I haven't found the exact answer to calm my fears about making a bootable backup. I have a new portable 500GB external drive and I want to do TM and make a bootable clone. I have partitioned the drive- 305GB for TM and 160GB for a clone (my internal drive on my MBP is about 185GB in size-88.42GB is being used). So I am confused-in SD, what do I choose to make a bootable backup? I have the window open and I see, "Mac HD to HD Clone; Backup-all files; and this is the confusing part: Copy newer files from Mac HD to HD Clone." I think I read somewhere that I want to have Smart Update also but can't find out how to turn that feature on or choose it. So if some kind soul could help me out and lead me by the hand (in cyberspace) and tell me how to set this up. I am using SD 2.5. Thanks for any help! Judy
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