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great, that seems to have worked. Couple suggestions, too...

many thanks!

This is the first disaster I have successfully recovered from,
and my friends are now able to see, in a clearer way,
just why I've been recommending this product to them for some time.

While I haven't gone throught everyting on my computer yet, I've noted that some files have content that isn't linked properly (i.e., fonts missing from InDesign files), and some applications have some other quirks— but I guess that is to be expected.

I'd like to make a couple suggestions: it would have been great to know from the start that, with a new MacBook, I could have told my new computer— when the proper screen prompted me— that "my back up drive is my old computer," and transferred the files right then & there, when started up my new machine for the first time.

And I know I posted this a while back, but I was unable find the support email on the SuperDuper! website, except for when I opened up the PDF of the instructions (which I had trouble finding, as they're kinda buried).
All in all, I would seriously consider having, after visitors get to & click on the tab for SuperDuper, another tab that says to the effect of: "Recovering from a Disaster," with instructions (or simply a link to the PDF) & a printed email address right there for those of us who use computers with email accounts AND for the others who do not know that you can find an email address at the bottom of the screen by hovering over the link.

Obviously, people seem to have gotten by without these things thus far,
but from an information design point of view, I would seriously consider these suggestions. A lot of people have a lot riding on the line— all of their data— when they visit your company's website; already, many visitors are pretty damned stressed & frustrated, sometimes even short-tempered.
You've got a great product going that just saved my ass, but I don't think I'm alone in having been slightly frustrated in my usage of it. I'm pretty sure such frustration can be precluded in the future with a couple minor design changes to your website.

— (no longer)KS
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