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Backing up iTunes folder only.

I have 2 Macs - My G5 is 500GB with over 100GB of music and my Macbook is 160GB with much less music - as it wont fit.

I have been using SuperDuper! for a while now to backup both entire systems, but I now have another spare portable HD that I want to use to transfer JUST my iTunes folder from my 500GB G5 onto, and use this as my iTunes library on my Macbook, so I can have an identical library on each.

I know i could just drag and drop the iTunes folder from G5 to external, but that would mean completely re-writing the large folder each time I wanted to back it up, am I right? I want to be able to utilize SuperDuper!'s smart-update so it can just copy the new files accross with each backup.

Any help with a script that would do this is greatly appreciated.

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