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smart update via WAN not yet resolved

[QUOTE=dnanian]The stat is misleading ...

Sorry to drag this on for so long, apparently unable to explain my point. Let's see.
1. I made a complete backup, starting with a new i.e. empty sparseimage. That took six hours. I understand that and I don't mind, as there are about 50G to copy via a cable connection.
2. Then I made a smart update on top of this backup. It took about the same time as the previous complete backup.
3. I think this could only have happened if the majority of files, and especially the big ones, had changed status.

When I do a local smart update (HD on firewire) it goes a lot quicker, as expected.
I know the cable's speed is asymmetric, high speed down and low speed up. But I am doing the backup in the direction of high speed (work->home).

I will try another smart update via the network and see what happens. No really big files should have changed since last time.

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