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Power PC Macs: Bootable External Hard Drive Models

I just purchased the following external HD for my OSX 10.4 Server PowerPC G5 PowerMac:

Western Digital My Book (1 Tb, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, eSATA).

I formatted the HD into (no less than 8) partitions using APM, and used SuperDuper "Smart Update" to copy all files to the partitions according to a certain backup rotation (using FireWire).

However, the computer does not want to boot from (or recognize them from an "Option" restart) the newly created volumes (using FireWire): I can only assume that the WD My Book iTb, and/or its associated firewire chipset, is not fully compatible with PowerPC booting.

Not a big deal - I can just get a new external FW HD - but which one? Does anyone have user experience (or otherwise know of) an ext. HD that would boot a PowerPC G5? Preferably 1Tb, but I guess 500 Gb would suffice, too.


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