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yes you can (in my personal experience). I have a nearly 99% track record of successful clones, while still working. That means, very very seldomly I've had a problem while downloading a larger file with a downloading-manager like "Speed Download" which led to a file which could not be copied by SD, which led to a clone failure. If after prudently finishing downloading I started the smart copy script again, this never was problem, only side-effect was that repairing permissions prior to cloning takes some time but ultimately solved the problem with that particular file (e.g. it was a permissions problem about who owns the file).

In addition, I suppose, if you check your mail in exact the same second/minute while that part of your HD is copied over, the clone might miss these very recent emails, because the email-folder (".emlx" if it's Apple Mail) was not yet saved to disk or sth. Otherwise I have had no problems wit cloning while still working. SD ignores certain cache files and things in memory (as far as I can say) so there should be no problem?

hope that helps. Please try it outand see for yourself.

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