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Cloning from a Mac Pro to a MacBook Pro?

Although I have my doubts, we're discussing the possibility of cloning a Mac Pro to a MacBook Pro on the forum; everything I've found here, at Apple and elsewhere indicates that cloning from one model of Mac to another is not a good idea. That said - I booted a Powerbook off an external clone of my G4 for several weeks when traveling a few years ago (my internal drive failed 3 days into the trip!) and another TS member cloned his iMac to an external volume and used it to boot his MacBook Pro for several days when his iMac was in the shop.

So, is there indeed machine-specific stuff that we need to worry about when attempting this? Good idea or very bad idea?

The person who wishes to do this is going to be traveling and would like to simply clone his Mac Pro to the MBP.
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