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Originally Posted by glitterbug View Post
Hi there! I just got myself a new unibody MacbookPro and i want to upgrade the HDD from the 250GB drive to a 7200RPM 320GB drive (the WD Scorpia Black). My plan: putting the new drive in an external enclosure, letting SD doing its thing, and exchanging the old drive with the new one. In my hopes and dreams, this would just work... but i ran in so many issues when upgrading from my old macbook pro 2,33GHZ (that was stolen) to the new machine (the bootable clones did not boot, restoring from the backups also not really, and and and...) that i am afraid this operation, as easy as it might sound, won't go so easy. Anything i have to be aware off?

Thank ya all in advance!
upgrading the internal drive like that should work pretty smoothly...

the trouble you ran into before would have most likely been because the version of Mac OS X on your clone from your old MBP would not have had all the new code required to support your new unibody...

make sure you repartition/format the new external drive using a GUID partition mapping scheme (with Disk Utility) before you do the clone...

and, to help ensure things go smoothly i would also repair permissions and verify/repair the internal drive before you do the clone...
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