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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Your applications "launching fine from the backup" doesn't test what I'm talking about at all, because you're not *running* from the backup.

Very strange that the selection won't move to the external. That certainly implies the drive is incorrectly partitioned...
The shell script did not fix the problem, and according to System Profiler, the Partition Map Type for the internal and both externals is GPT (GUID Partition Table).

The fix happened at the local Genius bar. I had of course verfied/repaired permissions on the MacBook several times since all this began, with nothing showing up that needed fixing. The Genius did it ONCE, got a list of repairs a mile long, and both externals then booted with no problem.

I don't understand what he did that I didn't do, and he didn't really seem to understand either, or even be curious about it. So I can't say what was wrong or exactly what fixed it. But whatever it was did the trick, and I just hope it lasts.
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