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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
I have no idea what might be wrong here: I'd contact Apple to see if they have any ideas.
I punted and reinstalled Leopard from the Apple DVD (actually this is the Apple-recommended way, so I figured I'd save the call to Apple by starting there).

I reversed the arrangement, attaching the original 80MB drive via a SATA-to-USB adapter, and to my amazement, the Apple installer asked if I wanted to copy my settings, user files, etc., from another volume. I checked all the boxes and they came in thataway. Spotlight is now operating correctly and lightening-fast. It's subjective, but folder windows and especially Mac Mail windows seem a lot quicker than from the clone.

I was dubious about the "clone" because obviously the system was not quiescent during the copy. Something happened to spotlight and all searches, including within Mail.

I also wonder if file system performance in general would tend to be more "optimized" after a DVD install vs. a "clone" copy. I don't know why that would necessarily be the case, although I can conceive that the placement of files during an install might be cleaner.

Having said that, your software is great stuff and I want to learn other ways of using it and related apps productively. Perhaps at some point some recommendations for "best practices" would be needed (although they may already be in your documentation--who reads THAT -- ha ha). Have a good one, --- Dave
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