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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
If you exclude a folder from copying, it's not in the list of files that are being copied to the destination. What happens on the destination volume is determined by the "During copy" option.

"Erase, then copy" and "Smart Update" would replicate the selected files on the destination, removing anything that wasn't in the selected set of files (save for Time Machine data, as explained in the "What's going to happen?" part of the UI). "Copy Newer" or "Copy Different" would not remove anything... but also wouldn't produce a bootable copy.

Thanks for the quick reply. It sounds like "Copy Newer" would be the way to go, since i've already created a mirrored HD (bootable disc) using "Smart Copy". I'm still confused on one point--if I use "Copy Newer" from now on to periodically update my second internal drive, using the scheduler, so as to not overwrite my Video Folder, would that now make the mirrored drive not bootable? I could be misreading your comment. Thanks for your help. Don't be shocked if I have another follow-up question (or two)...
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