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Backup without overwriting a Separate Folder.

Hi--I currently have three HD for my Power Mac G5---two internal, one external connected via USB2. I use the external for Time Machine Backup, and the second internal drive is mirrored from my Startup HD (via SuperDuper).

I don't have enough room left on my Startup HD (160GB) for my home videos, so I created a stand-alone folder on the second internal HD (320GB) where I keep them. I then manually back these up in another-stand alone folder on my external Maxtor HD (the one I use for Time Machine). Chaotic, but for now at least I have two copies of the Videos..

QUESTION: If I set up a scheduled backup between both internal drives with SuperDuper, can I exclude the stand-alone video folder, or will it overwrite it? What are the proper settings, if so??

Thanks for any advice!
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