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Thanks for the quick reply!

So is there no way to create an encrypted disk image without booting from a volume different than what I'm backing up? Seems like quite a hassle to have to reboot with another disk or DVD just to make an encrypted backup image.

Also, if I just want to make encrypted backup disk images and restore them if needed, is there any reason I need to use SuperDuper rather than Disk Utility?

Again, I'm just trying to replicate the simple yet very effective capability of Norton Ghost for Windows (as well as my earlier mention of enabling full hard disk encryption).

One other related question: If I want to be able to fully recover from a totally damaged (or lost) laptop hard disk, when I do my initial backup disk image, should I create an image of the "Macintosh HD" ("disk0s2" - assume this is just the active volume) OR should I create an image of the actual hard drive ("disk0" in my system "Hitachi HTS7... Media")??

Thanks again,

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