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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
I just mounted a read-only iDisk volume [...]
The problem doesn't occur (as you verified) with read-only volumes, only when the current user has no permissions (e.g. a volume mounted by root with 700 permissions) — neither read, write, nor execute. And, as I said, deleting the settings (okay, I didn't specifically say saved settings...) doesn't have any effect.

Also, I'm not sure whether this problem will occur with locally connected volumes, or only with network shares. I can reliably duplicate this with SMB shares, but haven't tested it with AFS or NFS volumes. Might be interesting to try, if a way can be found to keep them from getting unmounted when the root user logs out.

Just guessing here, but it looks to me like this has something to do with the way SD! or Cocoa handles the list of available volumes.

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